2017 Workshop Agenda

Below is the agenda for the NAPSA Workshop on
Volatiles Across the Solar System

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Wednesday, February 15th, 2017 11:30 – 5:30

USGS Flagstaff Science Campus, Building 3 Conference Room


11:30 am         Welcome, Logistics, and Workshop Focus (Hagerty)

11:45 am         Nebular ingassing as a source of volatiles to the terrestrial planets (Sharp, UNM)

12:05 pm         Exploring the volatile record of the Solar System on a nanometer scale (Shearer, UNM)

12:25 pm         NAU SICCS Department Capabilities (Flikkema, NAU SICCS)

12:40 pm         Volatile sequestration: Ice caves (Williams, USGS ASC)

12:55 pm         The influence of volatiles on impact crater morphologies (Barlow, NAU Phys/Astr)

1:10 pm           Seasonal frost and the formation of gullies on Mars (Dundas, USGS ASC)

1:25 pm           The search for volatiles in Near-Earth Asteroids (Mommert, NAU Phys/Astr)

1:40 pm           The dwarf planet Ceres: A volatile reservoir in the main asteroid belt (Bland, USGS ASC)

1:55 pm           Geochemistry and possible microbiology of icy ocean worlds, and insights from glacial Lake Vostok and evaporative lakes on Earth (Kargel, UA)

2:10 pm          Discussion, Poster Presentations, Break

  • Asteroid resource assessments (Kestay, USGS)
  • Thermal weathering of asteroids on solar approach (Compton, NAU)
  • Presence of water on Near Earth objects (Larson, NAU)
  • The USGS dynamic surface water extent (DSWE) product evaluation strategy (Jones, USGS)

3:15 pm           Mars seasonal CO2 cycle (Titus, USGS ASC)

3:30 pm           Lava-volatile interactions on Jupiter’s moon Io (Milazzo, USGS ASC)

3:45 pm           Ring stacking of benzene in a hydrocarbon mixture within mesopourous silica (Gochenour, NAU SESES)

4:00 pm           Stability of the nitrogen, methane, ethane system (Hanley, Lowell)

4:15 pm           Prediction of the eutectic phase behavior of methane and ethane (Dustrud, NAU Phys/Astr)

4:30 pm           Volatiles at the Solar System’s cryogenic frontier (Grundy, Lowell)

4:45 pm           Discussion

5:15 pm           Capture Highlights

5:30 pm          Adjourn