2015 Workshop Agenda

Below is the agenda for the NAPSA Workshop on
Small Bodies Mapping

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Tuesday February 24, 2015 9:00 am – 3:00pm
USGS Flagstaff Science Campus


Morning Contextual Presentations

9:00 am                Introduction – Bob Hart, Scientist in Charge, USGS Flagstaff Science Campus

9:05 am                “NAPSA Update and Goals for the Day” – Justin Hagerty, USGS Astrogeology

9:15 am                “NASA, SBAG, and SKGs” – Will Grundy, Lowell Observatory

9:30 am                “Telescopic Discovery and Characterization of Small Bodies” – Nick Moskovitz, Lowell Observatory

9:45 am                “Planetary Coordinate Systems and Small Body Mapping Needs” – Brent Archinal, USGS Astrogeology

10:00 am             “Geologic Mapping on Small-Diameter Bodies: Approaches and Complications” – James Skinner, Jr., USGS Astrogeology

10:15 am             == Break ==

10:30 am             “Small Body Nomenclature” – Rose Hayward, USGS Astrogeology

10:45 am             “The Planetary Data System: Cartography and the New PDS4 Standard” – Chris Isbell, USGS Astrogeology

11:00 am             “J-Asteroid” – Sadaat Anwar, Arizona State University

11:15 am             “APL Small Bodies Mapping Tool” – Debra Buczkowski, Applied Physics Laboratory

11:30 am             “Photogrammetry: Measuring Stuff with Images” – Ken Edmundson, USGS Astrogeology


Working Lunch & Afternoon Discussions

12:00 pm             == Break ==

12:30 pm             “Overview of NASA proposal opportunities” – Tim Titus, USGS Astrogeology

12:45 pm             Small proposal discussion (NEOO, SSO, PDART, PSTAR)

1:15 pm               SSERVI proposal discussion (Previous Lowell and USGS efforts) – Moskovitz and Kestay

2:00 pm                == Break ==

2:15 pm               Student opportunities, outside the box ideas, session wrap up

3:00 pm               Adjourn (sidebar discussions until 5:00 pm)