2019 STEM Poster Session

The 2019 annual STEM Poster Session will be hosted in conjunction with the Flagstaff Festival of Science.

Wednesday, September 25th
1:00pm – 4:00pm
NAU DuBois Ballroom

All posters in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math are welcome !
Please register HERE for all posters, demonstrations and attendees.

Free parking will be available in the NAU Sky Dome Parking Lot located at the corner of San Francisco St. and Pine Knoll Dr. as long as you display a permit on your dashboard.  Permits are available at the kiosk on the northeast corner of the lot, on the side facing San Francisco St.  Look for the permit that says “Festival of Science”, print it and place it on your dashboard.  There will be signs pointing you towards the DuBois Building, which is on Pine Knoll Dr. heading towards the southwest corner of the Sky Dome parking lot.  Follow the sidewalk to the turn for DuBois (there will be a sign at the turn).